The Brief

As a huge part of the industrial revolution, especially within the glass industry, it is safe to say that St Helens is a town steeped in heritage.

With this in mind, the creative team were asked to develop a new brand identity for the centre including a logo that had an immediate link to St Helens.

Shopping Centre Rebrand

The Result

The logo centres around Church Square being the heart of the community. In order for shoppers to take ownership, we capitalised the letters ‘UR’ in ChURch Square. Everything from event posters, social media artwork, opening hours (basically anything that includes the logo) will have a personal feel.

The background of the poster artwork subtly links back to the glass making industry the area is known for. As the centre is owned by the Council, the team decided that using the council’s glass graphic would help to integrate the centre with all the events and development going on around St Helens.

Overall, our shopping centre rebranding was a huge success for Church Square and indeed the whole of St Helens. By combining the town’s heritage with our extensive experience in shopping centre commercialisation and branding we were able to create a brand that the community and traders were proud of.

Print, digital and web