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People, Places, Destinations

So, what is placemaking? In simple terms it is strengthening the connection between people and the place they share. Building a community and a destination so that those living, working, and visiting feel a sense of pride and belonging.

Placemaking starts with reaching out to the local community and stakeholders of the “place” and engaging with them. What is it they want and need for their community? What drives them to be there, whether it is for business, socialising, shopping or residing? What will keep them going there? Working with all stakeholders when placemaking is key to ensuring you destination is positioned correctly for the demographics that will be using it.

Building on your initial research you can then create a brand for your place. A brand that is relevant to your destination. The social, physical and cultural identities of the surrounding area need to play a key role in your brand and positioning.

Everyone is time poor nowadays and creating convenience and a need is essential. Residents of a place need a reason to visit, they need pull factors they need a mix of F&B, Leisure, health & beauty, essential retail.

With supply outweighing demand when it comes to commercial leases. Your “place” needs to be more than just a landlord leasing a shell. You need to retain those businesses and give added value to them occupying your building over another.

Hybrid working may continue but there will always be a need for mixed use development and creating a destination that is able to bring people together and promote health, happiness and wellbeing for all. This is fundamental to successful placemaking and creating sustainable communities.