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What we’ve learnt and how we’ve adapted a year on

It may still feel like Groundhog Day but it’s nearly been a year since the whole country was plunged into the first lockdown way back in March 2020. Things have changed this year and we’ve learnt a lot from what’s happened and how adaptable we are.

As designers we are one of the most adaptable industries there is, always keeping up with current trends and working with many different types of clients. This past year we have learnt to be even more flexible from generating new solutions to design problems, to staying creative while working from home and delivery projects in a slightly different than we’re used to.

One of the most important things we’ve learnt from the pandemic is how to take a static piece of artwork and move it online. Instead of creating a flat artwork like a poster or a flyer, we used our design skills and been able to move this to digital piece. Creating digital artwork really broadens the scope of how you want the artwork to look, with the ability to animate the artwork really brings the artwork to life and being online the artwork really needs to be full of life and eye catching as people tend to scroll past something quicker than walk past it. An advantage to digital artwork is that it can be changed/updated quicker than a flat piece of artwork. The artwork can be altered and then uploaded, eliminating the need to print.

Saying all of this about digital artwork, it needs to be said that print is not dead! The most requested print project we had last year was for social distancing signage both on a large-scale floor vinyls and hoarding as well as smaller posters to inform customers. During the pandemic people have looked for clear communication and graphic design plays a huge role in this. From informative posters and vinyls like the 2 metres distance ones we all seen to infographics letting the public know quickly what to do and what not to do. Graphic design reinforces the message in a simple and easily communicated way. Another requested job we’ve had is to create celebrative artwork commemorating local heroes, the NHS and keyworkers. These really bring a bit of brightness to all the doom and gloom.

Another thing that we have learnt, is how our clients’ needs have changed. From no longer needing printed poster and flyers to wanting to create a better online presence. We’ve encouraged our clients to move a lot of design online and create a better online presence by having better engaging social media channels as well as user friendly websites. Websites and social media are usually the first place that someone will see your company and its brand so it’s extremely important at any time but especially now to have this working for you.

We’re looking forward to the rest of 2021, for some good news and to keep adapting to the new and exciting challenges it will throw at us.