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Adjusting to changes within the graphics industry

In recent times, life and work as we know it has completely changed. Within the graphic design team we have quickly adapted to this, and used our skills to face any problems that are thrown at us.

The biggest challenge we have witnessed in recent years is the move from predominately printed artwork like posters and billboards to online campaigns, with clients wanting to engage with their target market from within their own home. Digital design consists of social covers, news feed images, animations, video editing, and keeping website up to date with relevant information.

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 this has further pushed the need for digital design. In order to keep shoppers engaged with our Shopping Centres we have produced web pages with activities and workshops in order to keep the kids entertained but to also encourage home schooling. As physical Easter events had inevitably been cancelled, we looked at ways to encourage website clicks such as a virtual Easter egg hunt for client in Winchester. Shoppers had to click around the different pages on the website to find the eggs that were hidden. It’s important to still have a presence within the Shopping Centre’s local community while everywhere is on lock down in order to keep a strong footfall for when shops can re-open.

But what are we doing as a company in order to still have a presence? We need to make sure we are consistently innovative, stay relevant and come up with new and exciting ideas that will tackle any challenge that comes our way. Using software such as Loom allows us to keep in contact with clients and helps to add a human element to an online business model and adding movement and video creates excitement that we would normally have when talking to a client about our latest projects.

Strong visual content for websites and social media has never been so important. With figures showing that 40% more people are using social media in the last three months ago, brands need to engage with eye catching content that’s not only visually pleasing but which also conveys a message though the correct tone of voice – a really exciting and interesting time for the graphics industry.